2021 winning home renovation models for your 3D Renderings inspiration

Jan 7, 2022

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Are you running out of 3D rendering ideas?

Have you worked on many projects in the past, and you somehow feel that you are running out of ideas for your 2022 home rendering and renovation projects? 

We have some good news for you. 

We compiled some of the 2021 winning home renovation models from the National Association of the Remodelling Industry (NARI) and Qualified Remodeler, two of the most recognized award-giving organizations from the renovation industry in the U.S. 

You may use these winning designs as inspiration for your future 3D rendering projects. And for this blog, we have identified seven categories that we would like you to see. These categories are: 

  • Whole house
  • House Exterior
  • Residential Interior
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Outdoor Living
  • Basement

Let’s have a look at winning home renovation models per category.

Whole house category

For this category, we’re delighted to show you the Gold winner of Qualified Remodeler’s “Whole House more than $700,000” category: 

Whole House Renovation by Clark Richardson Architects

The living room of Qualified Remodeler’s “Whole House more than $700,000” category. Clark Richardson Architects did the winning design shown above from Austin, Texas. The original square footage of the house was 3.633 sq. ft., and when it was renovated, it became 4,215 sq. ft. 

Based on the source, the house initially had outdated finishes, blocked views,  and a configuration that prevented spatial interaction. Clark Richardson rearranged and updated the private spaces to resolve this to provide comfort, luxury, and spatial efficiency. They installed a sliding door to add more light, removed a wall, relocated the fireplace to add intimacy. 

Another part of the house that we would like to show you is the house exterior. Based on Qualified Remodeler, Clark Richardson Architects established a  transversal axis that created communication among the three principal communal spaces of the home: living room, dining room, and kitchen. The remodeling allowed for a greater appreciation of the river below and the hills beyond.

House exterior 

For this category, we have chosen to showcase the 2021 National/Regional Award Winner of the “Residential Exterior Over $200,000” category from the National Association of Remodeling Industry (NARI). 

Residential exterior from a house in Shakopee, Minnesota by Mom’s Design Build

Initially, this home had a beautiful wood-panel pub that led to a deck barely big enough for a grill based on NARI. In addition to this, they said that, since the clients wanted to open the room to a much more substantial deck to accommodate larger gatherings and integrate the indoor and outdoor living spaces, Mom’s Design Build installed a wrap-around Ipe deck that has a striking pergola fitted over half of it. They also introduced mechanical louvers, disappearing screens, efficient heaters, and a privacy wall that’s perfect for fending off insects and other undesirable things. They also added wide, bi-fold doors to integrate the pub with the house’s new and greener outdoor space. 

If your client sees an exterior rendering like the renovated model displayed above, for sure, they may find it unique and exciting. 

Here are more photos from NARI that you can take inspiration from for your future backyard 3D renderings. 

Residential Interior

For this category, we have chosen to showcase the 2021 National/Regional Award Winner of the “Residential Interior Over $500,000” category from the NARI.

Interior from a house in Merrick, New York designed by TimeLine Renovation & Design

According to NARI, this renovation is year-long. Timeline Renovation and Design’s floor plan included three bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms, a laundry room, and an office. 

Notice how the remodelers upgraded the oak floors by reclaiming them.

In the kitchen, the remodeler installed two-tone custom kitchen cabinets in high-gloss white lacquer and walnut.

Which part of this house interior renovation would you like to use as inspiration for your future interior 3D renderings? 

While you think about it, let’s have another category that appeals to most clients whenever they buy a property. 


In this category, we like to showcase these two beautiful kitchen renovations because we’re afraid you’ve missed them! Here they are, the 2021 National/Regional Award Winner of the “Residential Kitchen Over $150,000” category from NARI (1st) and the “Master Design Awards: Kitchen $75,000 - $150,000” from Qualified Remodelers (2nd). 

A remodeled Kitchen from Columbus, Ohio by Griffey Remodeling

This house in Ohio is a 103-year-old traditional home that has seen several renovations throughout its lifetime, including the image shown above. It was the home remodeled in 1970, which included a stair-stepped ceiling and laminate cabinets. However, according to NARI’s site, the current family who lives in the home wants to change their home to an open floor plan which complements their historic home so they can easily entertain. After the renovation made by Griffey Remodeling, the remodeled kitchen now features hickory cabinets, a custom, painted, and glazed island with leathered granite countertops, commercial-grade appliances, and a custom copper hood. 

Next, we have the winner from Qualified Remodeler:
A Remodeled Kitchen from Brooklyn, N.Y. by Behin Ha Design Studio & Suzumori Architecture

This renovation was part of a whole-house renovation where the owner wanted to relocate the kitchen from the garden level to the rear extension of the parlor level of the house, which had been originally used as a bedroom according to Qualified Remodeler. That particular move set the more cozy mood for this area, allowing Behin Ha Design Studio & Suzumori Architecture's client to enjoy informal meals from the natural light passing through the transom windows.

The remodeler equipped the kitchen with plenty of custom ash wood finish cabinets mixed with contrasting black metal open shelving to accommodate the storage needs of the owners. 

Which among the upgrades you’ve seen feels an excellent addition to your next 3D rendering for the kitchen? Well, since some experts said earth colors would trend next year, featuring a hickory cabinet in your kitchen next year sounds interesting! But if you’re more into neutral tones, why not get inspiration from the latter. Both designs look elegant and classy, so either is a good pick.


In the future, in case you'll have a client who complains about the leaking skylight windows, shortage of storage from their old bathroom, you will not have to worry because, in this category, we have chosen designs that address those types of concerns. 

Take a look at this old comfort room which has similar issues.

To resolve those issues mentioned,  the homeowners got BRY JO Roofing and Remodeling service to renovate their bathroom, which turned out to be one of the best bathroom photos from 2021. 

To create a transition between the wet and dry areas, an heirloom custom marble accent wall was installed on the countertop while a honed marble was used on the floor.

As per NARI, Bry Jo Roofing and Remodeling utilized different geometric patterns, materials, and textures in renovating the master bathroom. Take a look at the photos below to check the designs they used.

Since the clients wanted more storage space for their bathroom, the remodeler installed modern bathroom cabinets, as shown below.

Award for winning bathroom renovation doesn’t end there! In this category, we prepared two awesome examples because we simply can’t resist how fantastic the changes on their bathroom were right after the renovation. And besides, we want you to have a more comprehensive idea for your 3D renderings so you can also cater to your clients who have smaller bathrooms. So here is the second one, the winner of Qualified Remodeler’s “Master Design Awards: Bathroom $50,000 - $75,000” this year:

The Bathroom initially looked like this: 

According to Qualified Remodeler, the 1980s western-style bathroom turned into a contemporary Japanese onsen. 

The renovation performed by Sockeye Homes began with quite a challenging task of cleaning the existing bathroom that had a separate tub and shower space—both with small tiles. Do you have the same style in your bathroom too? Don’t worry. While those small tiles could be challenging to take out, nothing is too hard for remodelers. 

Aside from cleaning the tiles, the remodeler re-arranged the existing space to create a sizable wet-room area per the owner’s request because the Japanese-style bath requires users to clean off before getting into the tub.

The result, a large wet room concept with sufficient space and a contemporary feel.

Outdoor Living

In this category, here’s what we’ve got you, the 2021 National/Regional Award Winner of the “Residential Landscape Design/Outdoor Living $100,000 to $250,000” category from NARI.

Residential Landscape Design  by Livit Site + Structure, Inver Grove Heights-Minnesota

As per NARI, the owner of the landscape shown above wanted to create multiple entertainment spaces suitable for both sophisticated entertaining and outdoor family s’mores nights. In addition to this, they wanted to keep the yard big enough for the kids, friends, and teammates, add much-needed storage for outdoor furniture and equipment, but be maintenance-friendly. 

To follow what the owners wanted, Livit + Structure put an outdoor dining area, a sunken living room, an outdoor entertainment area, and additional storage space built with all of the home’s current architectural features.

The Result: 

A recognizable outdoor living space that distinguishes the home amongst its neighbors and tied in with its existing aesthetic like how the owner wanted it to be. 

The landscape was also upgraded with a fabulous fireplace perfect for s’more’s night, which the owner wanted!

How do you find the winning home reno models above? Which of the following photos would you like to use as inspiration for your next 3D rendering?

Make sure to choose the one that matches your client’s preference and expectation all the time! :)

Now let’s have the last category. A part of the house that quite requires effort to be rendered perfectly. 


Are you looking for some fresh basement renovation ideas? Here’s the winning design that bagged NARI’s “Basement under $100,000” award. If you’re planning to have some basement renovation, take inspiration from this remodeled basement from a house in Arlington, Virginia, by Alair Homes. 

Basement Under $100,000, Designed by Alair Homes 

The basement was furnished with beautiful built-ins, and clean spaces make this a dramatic transformation. The radiant heat through the newly-installed fireplace was one great addition too! With Alair Home's renovation, the clients have achieved their dream of a bright, light-filled space that doesn't feel like a basement. (NARI)

How did you find these 2021 Winning Renovation Designs so far? We hope that we were able to help you fill your imaginations with new sets of fantastic designs that you can use in your future 3D renderings. 

What do you think will  2022 be like for your business? Are you expecting more clients but worrying that you will not be able to cater to them because your resources are limited? 

We can help you. 

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