How do 2D plans differ from 3D plans?

Jan 7, 2022

9 min

Is it really necessary to prepare 2D, and 3D plan?

Have you ever thought about the primary purposes of 2D plans and 3D plans? Are you wondering, “Why, as a realtor, do I have to prepare a 2D or a 3D plan?” Why can't I just prepare one?  Like the 3D plan. After all, it shows everything that your potential client needs to see before acquiring property from you?

The answer is simple.

Each one serves a different purpose. And in this blog, we will explain those as we tackle the differences between 2D plans, 3D plans, and rendered plans.

2D Floor Plans

2D Floor plans showcase the technical aspects that home builders need to construct a house. Some of those technical aspects are load-bearing walls, wall types, and the orientation of the home’s windows and doors. 2D plans may sometimes contain measurements like the 2D Marketing plans, and sometimes it may not.

The 2D floor plan showcases the layout of your client’s property as seen on a bird’s-eye view. It does not show you the depth or height since it is only presented in a two-dimensional form. This type of rendering gives you the following details: 

  • Walls
  • Room Layout
  • Windows 
  • Door
  • Stairs 
  • And more!

Some examples of our 2D Floor Plans are shown below.

  • 2D Black & White Plans

2D Elevation

2d Elevation, on the other hand, lets you see the front and side view of a plan. Take a look at ProgressGuide's sample elevation below.

3D plans, on the other hand, are showcased in three dimensions–length, breadth, and height. It also shows a home’s walls, doors, windows, furniture entities, and flooring in a more specific view. Unlike 2D plans, 3D plans showcase a much more unmistakable home look. It represents the floor plan in a way that enables your clients to visualize the layout and designs of their properties effortlessly. This type of rendering is seen on a bird’s eye view and must showcase the following: 

  • Walls
  • Floor
  • Exterior Wall Fenestrations
  • Windows 
  • Doorways

Some features that you can add are:

  • Cabinets
  • Flooring
  • Bathroom Fixtures
  • Paint color
  • Wall Tiles 
  • Furniture and other interior finishes. 

Examples of our 3D Floor Plan are shown below


2D plans, serve as the backbone of the 3D. Meanwhile, 3D plans showcase the 2D floor plan in a much better way. 2D and 3D plans plans may serve different purposes but take note that these all work together so clients can have a definite understanding of how their home will look even before it is built. 

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This article was last updated on Sep 24, 2022