How to generate more leads for your construction business

Mar 9, 2023

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Discover more lead generation strategies to attract potential clients for your business

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Amidst the challenge of limited exposure through traditional marketing channels like TV ads, magazines, and newspapers, how can I make my new properties stand out and capture the attention of potential buyers?

This obstacle is a common one faced by property sellers. One solution we've discovered is harnessing word-of-mouth referrals, which help extend our reach and attract interested buyers.

Yet, ongoing advancements in technology are reshaping the landscape, presenting fresh opportunities to engage a broader audience and enhance our marketing strategies beyond the confines of traditional approaches.

In this blog, we'll delve into these innovative strategies, offering insights to overcome previous limitations and effectively generate more leads for your new constructions.

Ways to generate leads

1. Providing complimentary lectures and accepting speaking invitations.

Your prospective clients may include individuals who attend your free public or private lectures. As you showcase your proficiency in constructing houses or properties during these lectures and demonstrate your valuable skills, knowledge, attitude, and experience that could aid their business, the likelihood of securing a future contract with them may increase.

In this era where online communication and networking have become more convenient, you can conduct numerous online lectures or courses through social media platforms and other digital platforms. Here are some ways to achieve this:

A. Researching topics that are relevant to your target audience is a great way to reach them in a timely manner. Finding the right topic can be an effective way to attract your ideal customer and make sure they stay engaged. Some topics that you may include are: 

  • Top 10 Construction design errors to prevent
  • Must-avoid construction mistakes in single-family homes 
  • Installing Modern Industrial Fireplaces
  • Covering slabs with plastic
  • House inspection 101
  • Caring for your home
  • Five advantages of new construction

B. Stay informed about the current affairs within your industry or bring in an expert to provide insight.

C. Be aware of the ideal timing for online/onsite lectures in order to get the most out of them. This can help you optimize your learning experience and maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your lectures.

D. Invite your target market.

Ways to invite: 

  • Ensure to post the lecture details on your website and social media accounts so that people can register for it.
  • Reach out to them with an individualized email containing the relevant link. 
  • Spread the word about your content. It is an important factor in amplifying its reach. Share it with your friends and encourage them to do the same. You could also post in different forums or Facebook groups for additional visibility. 
  • Invest in social media advertisements. It can be a cost-effective solution to generate more leads for your construction business. It also helps to reach out to a larger audience and get more people interested in what you offer.
  • Make sure to prepare for your lecture in advance. Mentally, physically and technically, you should be ready to give the smoothest presentation that stays memorable in the minds of your audience. You can always record it beforehand and have a look, but answer all the queries live and provide hands-on experience.
  • If you're delivering your lecture live, make sure to record it and upload it to platforms that your target market frequents. This way, you'll have maximum visibility.

2. Community forums and groups

Community forums are great ways to engage people with shared interests, such as your construction business. They can be hosted online or offsite, and they provide an effective way to drive more leads to your company. For in-person networking events, engage in casual conversations and exchange calling cards when the time is right. If it's an online event, ensure that you abide by all the rules while participating, engaging, and interacting with other members. You can also create a post that allows you to impart your expertise on construction. Some subjects that you may contemplate include:

  1. The latest trend in the construction industry
  2. Mckinsey’s report about how the construction industry could emerge after the pandemic or any other economic crisis that could impact the business
  3. Construction trend in the next ten years
  4. What could millennial investors expect in the construction industry
  5. The latest bills related to construction businesses
  6. Innovations in the construction industry
  7. Biggest Construction firms and their achievements
  8. The impact of COVID on the cost of home design and construction

We trust that these topics will encourage you to engage in community forums, potentially resulting in new leads. You never know; the individuals with whom you converse in the comment section may turn out to be future leads or assist you in generating additional ones.

If feasible, consider enlisting the assistance of a member of your marketing team to construct an online community forum where you can exert more control.

In addition to community forums, consider supporting local community organizations. Membership in the community fosters trust, which can result in increased leads for your construction enterprise over time.

3. Newsletters

Do you frequently browse news and articles online? Have you ever come across a website that presents a prompt asking you to subscribe to receive their news and articles directly to your email? This is a common method used by businesses to generate leads through newsletters.

Newsletters often contain intriguing information, which entices individuals to sign up. This provides the business with an opportunity to send out promotions, invitations, and advertisements, especially if the recipient has given permission.

It is important to note that sending out newsletters is not a simple task. It requires specialized software to set up, and the content must be engaging. Furthermore, one must be prepared to create new content on a regular basis to keep their target market engaged. If you are operating a construction firm, it would be beneficial to send out newsletters that provide information on the latest market trends or maintenance reminders. Additionally, you can take advantage of newsletters by directly offering your services, such as new home construction, renovation, house inspection, or additions.

4. “Money-stretching” Programs

What motivates you to repeatedly make purchases from a particular online shopping platform?

For many, it's the allure of loyalty points that provides additional benefits such as discounts and a feeling of satisfaction, encouraging them to return to the site and purchase more products. However, loyalty points may not be as applicable to the construction industry since properties are typically not short-term investments unless one is involved in real estate. Instead, consider providing "money-stretching" programs.

  • Perks for word-of-mouth referrals (referral = 1 bottle of wine)
  • Discounts for early payers (save 1% off the bill by paying early, that is 1% x 12 months = 12% per year ROI)
  • Discounts for repeat customers 

The aforementioned programs are just a few examples of how you can increase lead generation for your construction business. There may be other programs available, but it's essential to examine them thoroughly before incorporating them into your strategy.

It's important to note that giveaways or contests may not be effective. Individuals may only participate to obtain the freebie or win the prize, without any genuine interest in your business or services. One exception could be offering freebies in exchange for quick surveys that allow you to obtain the email addresses of your target clients.

5. Advertisements

If you have been working in the construction industry for a considerable amount of time, you understand the significance of the last option.

In the 1980s, the primary method used by construction firms to advertise their business was through local newspaper publications, as most people read newspapers at the time. However, with the launch of the World Wide Web in 1991, the way construction firms market their properties and generate leads has been transformed. Many firms have turned to social media marketing to promote their services due to the effectiveness of online advertising in generating leads. This is especially true since an increasing number of clients, including 9 out of 10 Americans in 2018, use the internet for their construction-related needs, such as searching for homes. Thus, the question becomes, how can construction businesses advertise effectively online?

Here are some ways, according to Abstract Marketing Group

A. Focus on local search engine optimization (SEO) by doing the following:

  • Optimizing meta titles and descriptions
  • Getting citations
  • Signing up on Google My Business (GMB)
  • Getting online reviews
  • Using schema markup
  • Getting backlinks from local non-competing businesses

B. Create engaging content that drives leads

C. Start a strategic B2B appointment-setting program

D. Utilize marketing collateral to boost sales efforts

What should you include in your marketing collateral? 

  • Floor Plans - 2D and 3D plans attract leads who consider a particular goal for their house or infrastructure, like knowing the property’s layout or measurement.  

2D Floor Plans

3D Floor Plans

  • 3D Renderings - can drive one to visit the site or page that posts it.

Here are effective avenues to explore:

Here are effective avenues to explore:

Consider these options when seeking rendering services:

  • Tap into online freelancing platforms like HR Talent, Upwork, or Freelancer. These platforms host skilled professionals offering rendering services tailored to your needs.
  • Local design firms or independent designers specializing in real estate renderings could be accessible within your vicinity. They often offer personalized services suited to local market preferences.
  • Engage with industry-specific forums or social media groups; these platforms often harbor valuable recommendations or referrals for trustworthy rendering services. It's a great way to leverage community insights.
  • Conduct thorough research and connect with companies specializing in architectural visualization or 3D rendering specifically tailored for real estate projects. Their expertise might align perfectly with your requirements.
  • Explore innovative subscription-based services like HomeRender, which deliver high-quality 3D renderings conveniently through a subscription model, allowing cost-effective access to professional-grade visuals.

By exploring these diversified options, you can effectively procure the best rendering services that align with your construction business goals and requirements.


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