What is 3D rendering, and how can it help realtors sell more properties?

Mar 31, 2023

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Discover the power of 3D rendering for real estate marketing. Learn how this technique can help you showcase your properties in a realistic and engaging way, attract more buyers, and sell faster.

3D Rendering of a modern black home.

What is 3D rendering, and how can it help me sell more properties?

If you are a realtor, you might have asked yourself this question at some point. 3D rendering is a process of creating realistic images of buildings and interiors using computer software. It can help you showcase your properties in an attractive and engaging way and attract more buyers and investors. In this article, we will explain what 3D rendering is, how it works, and why it benefits real estate marketing. We will also share some statistics and tips on how to use 3D rendering effectively.

3D rendering is a technique that transforms a 3D model of a building or an interior into a photorealistic image. A 3D model is a digital representation of an object that can be manipulated and viewed from different angles. A 3D render is the final output of the 3D rendering process, which involves adding textures, colors, lighting, shadows, and other effects to the 3D model.

3D rendering can be used for various purposes in real estate, such as:

  • Designing and planning: 3D rendering can help architects and designers visualize their ideas and concepts and communicate them to clients and stakeholders. It can also help them test different design options and make changes easily.
  • Marketing and advertising: 3D rendering can help realtors and developers showcase their properties realistically and appealingly and create immersive experiences for potential buyers. It can also help them differentiate their properties from competitors and highlight their unique features.
  • Selling and leasing: 3D rendering can help realtors and developers sell or lease their properties faster and at higher prices by creating a positive impression on buyers and investors. It can also help them reduce the need for physical visits and showings and reach a wider audience online.

According to various sources, 3D rendering has proven effective for real estate marketing. According to a report by NMSC, the global visualization and 3D rendering software market was valued at $1.63 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $9.61 billion by 2030. This indicates the growing demand for 3D rendering services across various industries, including real estate.

In another study by Redfin, homes with professional photos sell for up to $11,200 more than homes without. 

These statistics show that 3D rendering can help you sell more properties by increasing visibility, credibility, and profitability.

This article was last updated on Dec 8, 2023