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Sample Marketing Brochrue for Selling Home For Sale


BROCHURES Available now!

Stand out from competitors and position your business effectively with a powerful marketing brochure. Showcase your product and associate your brand with unparalleled professionalism.

Your brochures can have the following:

  • Onsite photos
  • Description of the project
  • Project location
  • Contact information
  • QR Codes or links to related websites
  • Pricing (or starting at cost)
  • Highlight features
  • Those on the professional/business plans can add the 3D Renderings that we created as well!
Example Feature sheet showing construction specs and selling features

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Feature Sheets

Highlight the features of your new homes and upgrades with feature sheets. From quality construction items to value-added features, showcase what sets your property apart from the competition. Attract potential buyers with the best possible presentation of your upscale features such as granite or quartz countertops, upgraded appliances, and more.

Example Feature sheet showing construction specs and selling features

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Case Study
Case Study of Marketing Asset Creation for builder

Duplex investment property brochure for showhome

1. Client made a request with our New Project Wizard

Their first choice is to select a template which will determine the general layout and style of the brochure. Other additional options are requested, such as headers, features lists, or project descriptions that fit for that particular template. Lastly, is the theme options which will allow you to select a color scheme for the brochure if the default colors do not suit your taste.

2. Image Prep and upload

A few 3D renders, along with 2D floor plans, were uploaded. Since we worked with the company in the past, we had the contact information and logo handy. Additional details of the project were also provided such as description of the project, project highlights, and about the company.

3. Comments and clarifications

In this example, we had to clarify a few things.

  • Was it ok to place the floorplan in the middle of the fold? This worked out well in this case because it was a duplex and the party wall was right on the fold.
  • There were only 3 highlights for the plan, was there any more details or did the builder want to illustrate the numbers of bedrooms and bathrroms? No, they wanted to keep it simple.
  • The brochure was one image short. So we asked them if they were ok with a generic living room image that matched the plans, and they appreciated that we had that instead of a black box.


This example uses certain features (3D Renderings) that are available for clients on the Professional or Business plans.

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