2022 Home features you may include in your architectural 3D Renderings

Jan 6, 2022

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Amaze your clients with fantastic 3D renderings by including these 2022 features.

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Do you want your clients to feel great about the architectural 3D Renderings they could get from you? Then, maybe you want to check out these 2022 home features and include them in your designs. Incorporating the latest trends in architectural 3D Renderings may help make your clients happy! Let's take a look at the home features that you could include for 2022 which can enhance their living experience. It consists of accent walls, multi-functional spaces, convertible furniture, curves on furniture and décor, art-deco patterns, and kitchen-slab backsplashes. Read on to discover more about each home feature.

1. Accent Walls

An accent wall, otherwise known as a "feature wall," is a wall that has a different design that makes it outstanding among other walls. Accent walls have been trending in 2021 and will continue to become a home feature that designers look forward to seeing on the 2022 list. Accent walls could showcase your client's personality and sense of artistic expression. Including them in your designs could make your architectural 3D renderings more customizable and likable.

The accent wall is best featured in the chimney breast of the living room or the wall behind the bed headboard. But it could be anywhere else your client like to see them most. 

To start, get to know your client a little more, then start drafting the "statement" or "appearance" that expresses their personality. Explore how other people who have the same personality make theirs. Don't limit your client's accent walls to paints and wallpapers. Be as creative and resourceful as possible. 

See sample accent walls below for inspiration.

Photo: Ever Wallpaper/IG

2. Multi-functional Spaces and Convertible Furniture

The existence of the pandemic allowed your clients to discover that it is now possible for a part of their homes to be turned into an office, gym, or cinema. If prospective clients have kids, explore the idea of having a study room beneath stairs on your rendering. 

If your client wants a design for their tiny home, try to include convertible beds/sofas in your 3D rendering for their small space. You may also share with them the idea of turning tables into a divider, wall paintings into chairs, cabinets into television wall mounts, and beds into living room walls. 

See the photos  below for examples:

Photos: Zoom-Room/IG(left); House & Home/IG(right)

3. Curves on Furniture and Décor

Based on most designers,  Straight lines and smooth and sharp edges will temporarily be out of trend. 2022 will pave the way for more rounded shape furniture and home decor. According to professionals, round shapes or curvy figures provide soothing energy, tranquility, and fluidness to a space that perfectly complements the world’s current condition. If your client is currently aiming for an updated style, make sure to incorporate curves in your 3D renderings for their home. 

Have you thought about where to place them? 

Here are some ideas:

Photos: Trickle Creek Designer Homes/IG(left); Kasa Interiors/IG(right)

4. Art-Deco Patterns

If your client is into displaying luxury and glamour, you might want to think about including this feature at home. Incorporate sleek furnishings. Zigzags, trapezoidal, triangular, chevron, sweeping curves, and other geometric patterns on your 3D renderings. You may showcase these design elements on your client’s furnishings that are attached or displayed on their walls, ceilings, or floors. 

Photo: HSARTDECOHOME/IG(left); Chelsea Benay, LLC/IG (right)

5. Kitchen-Slab Backsplashes

In 2021, kitchens with solid (slab) backsplashes became popular. According to experts, these slab backsplashes will continue to thrive in 2022. 

A slab backsplash refers to a modern kitchen style that shows no distinction between the kitchen’s countertops and its walls. Granite, Marbles, and Quartz are the most common materials used by homebuilders in creating solid slab backsplashes. 

Take a look at the photos below for some of the most popular slab backsplashes in 2021. Take inspiration from them so you can include some more appealing kitchen features in your 3D Rendering. 

Photos: Lucullan Properties

Final Thoughts

Looking for ideas on how to upgrade the interiors of your upcoming projects?

Incorporate contemporary 2022 home features such as an accent wall, multi-functional spaces, convertible furniture, and curvy or art-deco pattern. It is essential to enquire about your client's preferences for the 2022 home features so as to create a 3D rendering that wows and delights them. This way, their dream house will meet all of their expectations.

Are you looking for help in including these elements perfectly in your 3D rendering?

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