5 Ways to generate more leads for your design firm

Mar 9, 2023

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Steps to attract more clients have never been this much in the past!

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Over the years, the methods for generating leads in the design industry have evolved from simply relying on referrals and traditional advertising through mediums like TV commercials, magazines, newspapers, and billboards.

Lead generation is no longer limited to these ways nowadays. As technology advances, more businesses from the industry are able to discover strategies that enable them to reach more potential clients. These strategies are shared in the next section of this blog. 

Ways to generate more leads

1. Conducting free lectures and accommodating invitations to speak

One potential source of new clients for design professionals is their students. By sharing their design expertise during public or private lectures, designers can demonstrate their skills, knowledge, attitude, and experience, leading to future business opportunities with interested attendees. With the ease and accessibility of conducting lectures through social media and other online networking sites, designers are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity by holding as many online courses and lectures as possible. To do so, designers can follow the steps below:

A. Look for a relevant subject likely to interest your target audience. Some topics that you may include are: 

  • Home renovation ideas from award-winning remodelers in 2022
  • Home interior designs for small spaces
  • The advantages of using standard-sized furniture
  • The different design elements and their impact on your home
  • Eco-friendly home layouts
  • How to make your home space productive
  • Must-avoid home layout mistakes

B. Stay informed about the topic, or consider inviting a colleague from your business who is knowledgeable. 

C. Determine the ideal timing for your online or on-site lectures.

D. Set the date

E. Invite your target market.

Ways to invite: 

  • Publish the lecture on your website and social media channels, and provide a registration link for interested participants.
  • Send a personalized email containing the link to the lecture. 
  • Share the lecture with your friends, and proactively request that they pass it on to others. Additionally, consider posting about it in community forums or Facebook groups.
  • Consider utilizing paid advertising to increase the reach of your lectures and attract more attendees. Social media advertising can be a cost-effective way to generate leads for your design firm.

F. Ensure you are prepared for your lecture by addressing your mental, physical, and technical needs. Ensure your presentation is delivered smoothly and leaves a lasting impression on your audience. While you have the option to pre-record your lecture, be sure to address any questions, live during the event.

G. If you deliver a live lecture, consider recording it and sharing it on highly visible platforms with your target audience.

2. Community forums and groups

Community forums can take place offline or online and bring together individuals with common interests. Leveraging such media can be an effective way to generate leads for your design firm. If the forum is on-site, you can initiate a conversation and share your business card later or ask someone to do so on your behalf. If the forum is online, participate and engage with other users' posts while adhering to all forum rules. You may also consider creating a post to share your design knowledge and expertise.

Here are some topics you may consider: 

  • Exciting and innovative house designs
  • House plan that fits best with all seasons
  • Design trend in the next ten years
  • The impact of any health or economic crisis on the cost of home design and construction
  • The latest policies about designs and drafting 
  • Possible design issues and how to prevent them
  • Construction materials that are of high-quality 

We encourage you to consider participating in community forums to generate leads for your design firm. You never know; the individuals with whom you engage in the comment section could become your next leads or help you generate more leads. Additionally, consider building your own online community forum to have greater control over the discussions.

In addition to community forums, you can also explore opportunities to assist local community groups. Building trust within your community as a member can result to more leads for your design firm in the long term.

3. Newsletters 

How frequently do you browse news and articles on the internet? Have you ever stumbled upon a website where a tab suddenly appears, prompting you to sign up to receive their articles directly in your email? This is how newsletters usually work to generate more leads for a business.

Newsletters from businesses often contain interesting information that draws people to sign up for them. This allows companies to send more promotions, invitations, and advertisements, especially if the person allows it.

However, it's important to note that sending newsletters is not a simple task. It requires specific software to set up, and the shared information must be compelling. Additionally, you must be prepared to create engaging content to keep your target market interested regularly. As a member of the design industry, it would be beneficial to send newsletters that inform readers of current design trends and inspirational case studies. You can also take advantage of newsletters by directly featuring properties you have designed or properties in sought-after cities or areas that require the expertise of an artist.

4. "Money-stretching" Programs

What motivates you to purchase from a particular online shopping platform repeatedly?

One answer could be loyalty points. Accumulating these points often translates to rewards, discounts, and a sense of fulfillment, encouraging us to return to the site and make more purchases.

However, loyalty points may not be as effective for design firms, as properties are not typically products people frequently purchase in the short term. Instead, consider offering money-saving programs that can stretch the value of their investment, such as...

  • Perks for word-of-mouth referrals (referral = 1 bottle of wine)
  • Discounts for early payers (save 1% off the bill by paying early, that is 1% x 12 months = 12% per year ROI)
  • Discounts for repeat customers 

The above examples are merely a few of the programs that can aid in generating more leads for your design firm. There may be others, but it is essential to thoroughly study and analyze them before putting them into practice.

Things that don't work: Giveaways or contests.
Your target audience may not be interested in you or your services and may only participate in promotions or giveaways to receive freebies or win prizes. However, if you offer free items or tips in exchange for quick surveys, you can obtain your target client's email addresses.

5. Advertisements

If you have experience in the design industry, you understand the significance of the final option for lead generation. In the past, design firms typically advertised in newspapers because they were widely read. However, this changed when the internet was introduced in 1991. Since then, design firms have shifted to social media marketing as it has become more effective in generating leads for their business. This is because an increasing number of clients (97% in 2018) used the internet to search for local products and services. The question now is how a design firm can effectively advertise online.

Here are some ways, according to Abstrak Marketing Group 

A. Carefully prepare for your B2B appointment

  • Narrow down your lead list
  • Train your people who will perform the cold calling

B. Don't let viable leads exit the sales pipeline

C. Keep a balance between your website's form and functionality. Make sure both work well. 

D. Showcase your best marketing collateral.

After knowing this, the next question would be, What should you include on your website or social media pages?

  • Floor Plans
    Leads interested in a specific objective for their real estate, such as understanding the layout or dimensions of the property, can be drawn in by 2D and 3D plans.
  • 3D Renderings
    Posting 3D renderings can entice individuals to visit the associated website or page.

Would you like assistance with acquiring floor plans and renderings? At HomeRender, we strive to simplify your business by offering a subscription-based 3D rendering service, enabling you to concentrate on expanding your market and increasing your profits in the future. If this piques your interest, look at some of our artists' sample floor plans and 3D renderings.

2D Floor Plans

3D Floor Plans

3D Renderings - Exterior

3D Renderings - Interior

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