5 ways to generate more leads for your real estate business

Jan 13, 2022

20 min

Steps to attract more clients have never been this much in the past!


In the past, the most common way for real estate businesses to generate leads was by simply asking their customers or clients to refer them to someone else (word-of-mouth) or promote their services through tv commercials, magazines, newspapers, and billboards. Lead generation is no longer limited to those ways nowadays. As technology advances, more industries discover strategies to reach more potential clients. If you want to know these strategies–read on. 

Ways to generate leads

1. Conducting free lectures and accommodating invitations to speak

Some of your potential clients could actually be your students from the accessible public or private lectures that you conduct. Once you share your real estate expertise on those lectures and see that you have the skills, knowledge, attitude, and experience that could benefit their business, the chances of closing a deal with them in the future could be higher. 

In the age where conducting lectures are much easier through social media platforms and other online networking sites, hold as many online lectures or courses as you can. You can do this by taking the following steps: 

A. Search for a timely topic that is most likely attended by your target market. Some topics that you may include are: 

  • Upcoming home features for 2022
  • The differences in trending house designs
  • Tips on buying a property
  • The legal documents you need to be familiar with before buying a property
  • Top 10 things to look for when buying a home
  • House inspection 101
  • The do's and don't when buying a property
  • Steps to ensure that you're real estate agent is not a scammer
  • How to select the right piece of land for your home
  • A comprehensive guide to real estate investment
  • Tips for first time home buyers

B. Educate and update your knowledge about the topic or invite someone from your business to do it. 

C. Know when is the best time to conduct the online or onsite lectures

D. Set the date

E. Invite your target market.

Ways to invite: 

  • Post the lecture on your website social media platforms  where they can register to join
  • Send them a personalized email with the link 
  • Share it with your friends and proactively ask them to share it with others as well. You can also post in community forums or FB groups. 
  • If you can pay for the advertisements, explore them as well so that more people can join. Generate more leads for your real estate business with a very minimal cost via social media advertisements. 

F. Prepare for your lecture–mentally, physically, and technically. Ensure to deliver a smooth presentation that's memorable for your audience. You may also record your lecture beforehand if you want but make sure to answer the questions live. 

G. Record your lecture if you'll do it live and upload it on platforms that are most visible to your target market. 

2. Community forums and groups

Community Forums could take place anywhere–offsite or online where people of the same interest engage with one another. Therefore, if you want to generate more leads for your real estate business, this is one of the best options. If it's onsite, simply start a chit-chat and share your calling card later on or let someone do it on your behalf. If it's online, participate, interact with the posts; just make sure to abide by all the rules. You may also initiate a post that enables you to share your knowledge about real estate. Here are some topics you may consider: 

  • The latest trend in the real estate market
  • Robert Kiyosaki or Warren Buffet's real estate-related forecast
  • Real estate trend in the next ten years
  • What could millennial investors expect in the real estate market
  • The latest policies about real estate
  • Real Estate Market today: Bullish or Bearish?
  • Types of real estate investments

We hope those topics drive you to participate in community forums to get more leads. You'll never know. The people you're sharing conversations with in the comment section could be your next leads or could help you generate more leads. 

If you can, try to build an online community forum where you have broader control. :) 

Aside from community forums, you may also explore helping local community groups. Being a member of the neighborhood leads to trust, which enables you to generate more leads for your real estate business in the long run. 

3. Newsletters 

How often do you read news and articles online? Have you encountered a site where a tab suddenly pops up inviting you to sign up so you can receive that news and articles directly on your email? 

That is how newsletters typically work to generate more leads for a business. 

Since newsletters of businesses contain interesting information, people are often drawn to sign up for it. This gives the company the chance to send more promotions, invitations, and advertisements, especially if the person allows it.

However, take note that sending newsletters is not that easy. They need to be set up using a particular software, and the information that needs to be shared must be compelling. You must also be ready to create more information to engage your target market regularly. Since you're from the real estate industry, sending them newsletters informing them of the market's current trend would benefit you. You can also maximize newsletters by directly including the properties you sell or properties that will be built soon. 

4. "Money-stretching" Programs

What drives you to buy from the same online shopping platform every time? 

Loyalty points. 

These loyalty points give us more perks, discounts, and most importantly, a sense of satisfaction that drives us to visit the site and buy more products. However, loyalty points are not that applicable to real estate firms since properties are not something that people will keep on buying in the short run unless they're into the business of buying and selling properties. Offer these "money-stretching" programs instead, 

  • Perks for word-of-mouth referrals (referral = 1 bottle of wine)
  • Discounts for early payers (save 1% off the bill by paying early, that is 1% x 12 months = 12% per year ROI)
  • Discounts for repeat customers 

The examples given above are just some programs that could help you generate more leads. There could be more, but make sure to study them carefully before implementing them. 

Things that don't work: giveaways or contests. People don't care about you or your services; they may only participate for the sake of getting the freebie or winning the prize unless the freebies are given in exchange for quick surveys that allow you to get your target client's email addresses. 

5. Advertisements

If you've been in the real estate industry for quite some time, you know how important this last option is. 

Back in the 80s, the most common advertising tool used by real estate agents was newspaper advertisements since most people read newspapers. This trend changed when the world wide web was launched in 1991. The advent of the internet modified how real estate businesses market their properties. More firms turned to social media marketing to advertise their properties. The rationale behind this is the effectiveness of online advertising in selling properties since more and more homebuyers (97% in 2020) use the internet for home searches. Now, the question would be, how to advertise online effectively? 

Here are some ways, according to Forbes

  • Build a professional website
  • Create a popular blog
  • Engage in content marketing
  • Install Google analytics
  • Create a lead generation tool("squeeze page")
  • Implement PPC advertising
  • Get social on Instagram
  • Use Twitter hashtags
  • Use email marketing campaigns
  • Ask reviews on Yelp
  • Build a profile on Zillow
  • Set up a local or business page on Google
  • Leverage Trulia ads
  • Build a Facebook page

What should you include on your website or social media pages? 

  • Floor Plans - 2D and 3D plans attract leads who consider a particular goal for their real estate, like knowing the property's layout or measurement.   
  • 3D Renderings - can drive one to visit the site or page that posts it. 

Do you have some concerns about getting these types of floor plans and rendering? 

We can help you. 

We, at HomeRender, aim to help clients like you streamline your business by providing a subscription-based 3D rendering service so that you can simply focus on expanding your market and gaining higher profit in the long run. 

Does it sound interesting to you? 

Here are sample floor plans and 3D renderings from our artists:

2D Floor Plans

3D Plans

3D Renderings - Exterior

3D Renderings - Interior

At HomeRender, you can always be sure of getting award-winning and billboard-quality renderings and floor plans for your design firm. Sign up now to subscribe to a plan that best suits your business need and see how the 5 ways to modern lead generation fall into place perfectly!

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