Best strategies employed by good realtors to sell properties

Mar 23, 2023

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Sell more properties in 2023 by doing these strategies!


How determined are you to sell a property? 

If you want to know how determined you are, read our blog below about the strategies employed by good realtors to sell properties. Once you’re done, evaluate yourself by writing these blanks _  _ _ on a piece of paper and filling out each one based on the given instructions right after every strategy. Are you excited about the outcome?

If you're eager to discover your results, let's delve in!

Strategy 1: Make your clients feel that you’re always available for them.

During the buying process, make sure you are available for your client as long as you can.

According to a study, the majority of buyers prioritize their agents' responsiveness over their professionalism and expertise. Thus, if you want to satisfy your clients, implement effective selling strategies, such as promptly addressing their inquiries and providing as much assistance as possible. This may involve helping them complete paperwork, particularly with regard to mortgage loan applications, or offering advice on home furnishings, even if the information is available online. It's essential to remain available and responsive to their needs, even when it becomes challenging or inconvenient. Of course, it's crucial to ensure that the assistance you provide aligns with ethical principles and values. When you do these things, you help clients...

  • Feel secure that they are with the right realtor
  • Be informed about the property, 
  • Decide faster

Now, what if the decision is a “no?” Well, if the decision turns out to be negative, there's no need to worry, as each day brings new opportunities. You can begin afresh with new clients and pursue a faster route to success.

Are you willing to make yourself available for your client as much as they need you during the home-buying process? If your answer is “yes,” write the letter “I” on the first blank. If your answer is maybe or no, leave the first blank open. 

Strategy 2: Transparency is the best policy

If you want to sell a property fast, do what other determined realtors do to sell the property, be transparent! Tell everything about the home to your clients once the buying process begins. It is much better for them to know all the good and the bad side (if there is one) during the initial process and back out than allow them to discover them at the latter stage of the buying process and suddenly feel bad about you. After all, when a client backs out during the initial process, it doesn’t always mean you will lose them. There are a lot of clients who value transparency and credibility. Once they see it from you and find that you are sincere in helping them find a house successfully, they may opt to still choose you as their realtor with your other listing (make sure you have), return to you in their future real estate purchase or refer you to their friends and family. That, in essence, helps you gain more chances to showcase your properties that help sell properties fast!

Are you willing to be transparent no matter how risky it is? If your answer is “yes,” write the letter “A” on the second blank. If your answer is maybe or no, write the letter “N” on the second blank. 

We’re left with the last strategy. Are you excited to find out the result of your evaluation?

Let’s see. Here’s the third strategy: 

Strategy 3: Fight your battles using the right weapons.

Do you know the strategy employed by determined realtors to sell properties? 

They treat every buying process as a battle and aim to win it by securing the property sale. 

How do they do that? 

They use the right weapon. 

But what are their weapons? 

Their capacity to negotiate? Their fluency? Their expertise? No, those things are not their weapons. Those are their skills. Do you think it’s enough for a warrior to be just skilled? No, they’re not. Even the best debaters don’t just go to debates with their skills alone. They show something tangible, their reports. Those are their weapons. And in the case of the determined realtors, they’re the floor plans and 3D Renderings. 

  • Floor plan 

The floor plan allows the determined realtor to walk their talk. When they say the home is carefully thought of and efficiently done, the floor plan serves as their friend who seconds the motion. The floor plan gives their client a clear view of what they are talking about, especially regarding the home structure and its measurement. 

  • 3D Renderings

The same is true for 3D Renderings. And not only that. When a determined realtor provides them with 3D Renderings, they enable clients to feel what it’s like to live in the home even before they see it in person and urge them to decide faster than they could have been. 

Determined realtors show their clients floor plans and 3D renderings to sell properties.

Here are some notes of caution: Don’t overly beautify the renderings to the extent that the actual property cannot satisfy the client’s expectations anymore. To prevent it from happening, you need well-experienced artists who know the whereabouts of what they are doing.

Good news! We have them at HomeRender. Our artists create floor plans and 3D Renderings that could definitely secure that home sale for you! And hey, we’re walking our talk. Here are their works:  

Floor Plan 

2D Elevations

3D Plans

3D Renderings

Aside from these, HomeRender also offers the creation of a Marketing Brochure to level up the way you showcase your properties. 

Marketing Brochures

Imagine having access to all these marketing assets by simply subscribing to HomeRender’s Business subscription plan plus learning about the top 3 ways to sell properties fast. Does it make you more than ready to win your battle by employing this strategy? 

If you do, write “M” on the last blank; if not, write “O” on the last blank. 

What’s the result of your self-evaluation? Are you determined enough to sell a property? What does your answer to the blanks say? If it says,

  • “I AM. ” - Congratulations! You’re determined enough. Let’s start our partnership!
  • “_ NM” means “Not Much.” but we want you to keep your hopes up, and we’re still looking forward to your partnership with HomeRender in the future. 
  • “_ NO.” Do you really believe that you're not that determined yet? Let us help you change that. Contact us now.!

Allow HomeRender to be your strategic partner in selling properties.

Be a contender. Use HomeRender.

This article was last updated on Dec 8, 2023