Hottest Trends in Architectural Rendering

Sep 23, 2021

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Popular rendering styles that you probably encountered this year but never got the chance to identify.

The Past

The evolution of architectural visualization (a.k.a. architectural rendering) can be traced back as early as 4000 years ago. However, as it is done today, architectural rendering only began in the 19th century, the Renaissance period, when art and science became popular in Europe. The current architectural rendering techniques owe their origin to the works of Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, and other artists from that era. Although there is no mention of specific rendering styles, it is safe to assume that they were the source of inspiration in the development and popularity of the following styles: Whodunnit, The Katherine Heigl, The Theodore, The David, and Palimpsest. Knowing these popular styles can help you and your artists streamline your business operation and promote your properties better. With all those benefits, it might be better to grab this moment and read on to discover more about today's hottest trends in architectural visualization. 


Whodunnit is inspired by the genre of cinema that focuses on gloomy or moody characteristics with cold-tone colors like dark blue, dark green, and violet. All these were done to highlight the creation of the structure in place.   

The Katherine Heigl

Idealistic and romantic rendering style.

The main features of Katherine Heigl are very high saturation of colors, views of people performing day-to-day activities, and over-lighting. Architects often use "The Katherine Heigl" to render the exteriors of structures situated in urban areas. This type of design is popular because it helps viewers vividly visualize how it perfectly complements the surrounding. 

The Theodore

Rendering style, which highlights bright and airy spaces. Architects who use this style are primarily into interiors, and the designs they produce commonly have bright backgrounds, diffuse lights, and spacious scenes. These characteristics make “The Theodore” popular as they help create a realistic picture that presents a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The David

Perfectly textured render.

This popular style gives a utopian feel because the imperfections in real-life environments are omitted. Bright lighting, luminous images, perfectly detailed images, and uniform foliage highlight this style. Architects commonly used this style in rendering luxury hotels and shopping centers.


A design that overlays the new design of the building over the existing building intended to be transformed. If you want to illustrate potential changes which could take place during a renovation, this type of render could be your best choice.


Now that you have learned about the hottest trends in architectural visualization, which among them do you think fits best for your next project? Is it the one that emphasizes lighting and angling of lenses like The Theodore? Or will you go for the style that exhibits very high saturation of colors, plenty of background characters, and over-lighting, like The Katherine Heigl? How about a more realistic visualization style like Whodunnit? If you're into renovations, you might probably go with Palimpsest. 

When you note the differences and the purpose of each style, deciding how your architect will design your next property will be easier and more efficient.

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