3 Proven ways to sell properties fast

Mar 7, 2023

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The faster the sale, the higher the income. Know how to sell your properties quicker than usual.

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Every realtor aims to sell every property on their listings.

But let’s be more specific – sell every property on their listings fast.

Fast equals more sales. More sales equal higher commissions.

Do you like to earn higher commissions? Then, aim to sell your properties as fast as you can.


Without further ado, here are the ways to sell properties fast:

  1. Be available to your client as much as you can.
  2. Throughout the buying process, it's crucial to make yourself available to your client for as long as possible. Studies indicate that 47% of buyers and 44% of sellers prioritize an agent's responsiveness over their professionalism and expertise. Therefore, to satisfy your clients and ensure a successful home sale, it's essential to promptly respond to their queries and provide comprehensive assistance.
  3. Offer guidance with form completion, especially concerning mortgage loan documents. Additionally, be ready to advise on home furnishings or any other inquiries, even if the information they seek is available online. Being present for your clients, even when it might be inconvenient, ensures their confidence in your support, as long as their requests align with ethical boundaries.
  4. By being attentive and supportive, you help clients:
  • Feel assured they have chosen the right realtor.
  • Stay well-informed about the property.
  • Make quicker decisions.

If a decision ends up being a 'no,' remember that each new day brings new opportunities to start afresh with other clients more efficiently.

2. Be Transparent

If you aim to sell a property swiftly, be transparent from the start. Disclose all aspects of the home to your clients early in the buying process. It's far better for them to know both the positives and any shortcomings upfront than to discover them later and feel deceived.

Remember, a client opting out at the initial stages doesn't always mean losing them forever. Many clients highly value honesty and integrity. If they see your sincerity in assisting them, they might still consider you for another property from your listings, return for future real estate needs, or refer you to friends and family.

This approach not only maintains credibility but also increases the likelihood of showcasing your properties to a broader audience, thereby accelerating property sales.

3. Get the right weapon.

Are you determined to sell properties rapidly this year?

If so, treat the sales process as a strategic battle, aiming to emerge victorious by expediting property sales.

How can you achieve this?

Equip yourself with the right tools.

But what are these tools?

Your negotiation skills? Your fluency? Your expertise? No, they're your skills. But skills alone do not suffice for a warrior. Even the most skilled debaters present tangible evidence— their reports. In your case, these weapons are the floor plans and 3D Renderings.

Floor Plans

A floor plan substantiates your claims. When you assert a home is well-designed and efficient, the floor plan serves as a visual representation, illustrating the home's structure and dimensions to your clients clearly.

2D Elevations

3D Plans

3D Renderings

Likewise, 3D Renderings play a pivotal role. Providing clients with a 3D rendering offers them a virtual experience of the property, encouraging quicker decision-making. However, ensure the renderings accurately represent the property and don't overly enhance its appearance. This requires experienced artists—good news! At HR Talent, our artists create floor plans and 3D Renderings that can significantly bolster your home sales.

Aside from these, HomeRender also offers the creation of a Marketing Brochure to level up how you showcase your properties. 

Marketing Brochures

Imagine accessing these marketing assets by getting the service of experts from HR Talent, while learning the top three strategies to expedite property sales. Are you ready to seize victory?

If so, act swiftly.

Let HR Talent equip you with these tools.

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This article was last updated on Jun 13, 2024