Top 3 things Architectural Rendering Businesses Need to Do Before 2022

Nov 13, 2021

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Drafting plans for your architecture business next year? Check this out!

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Is your plan done?

As 2021 comes to a close, it's time to start thinking of what lies ahead in 2022. Some of you may have figured out your goals for next year, and some are probably still thinking about the strategies you need to employ to grow your drafting and rendering business in the years to come. Before committing to your plans and budget for the next year, we highly recommend you take a look at this blog post before 2022, as we will be sharing some critical knowledge that may prove immensely beneficial for your business next year.

Top 3 things that architectural rendering businesses need to know

1. Produce designs that promote...


Constructing buildings that are planet-friendly is not new in the industry. Ever since talks on climate change became prevalent in the 1970s, companies from different sectors, including those in the construction industry, participated in the movement to protect the planet. 

Over the years, more and more businesses, governments, and organizations joined the movement by building eco-friendly facilities. 

According to the Natural Stone Institute, one of England's earliest and most notable structures to address climate change issues was the Willis Building (formerly known as the Willis Faber and Dumas Headquarters). The said building utilized mirrored windows, a day-lighted atrium, and a grass roof.

Source: Luster Publishing/IG

The Gregory Bateson Building in California is another example. This structure has under-floor rock-store cooling systems and area climate-control devices. It also utilizes energy-sensitive photovoltaic (solar cells), which are very much helpful in transforming solar energy into usable electricity that eliminates greenhouse gas emissions. 

Based on studies, approximately 40% of the world's total carbon emissions came from buildings, and it is by far the largest emitter of the said pollutant. This statistic has inspired mega businesses like Apple and Amazon to become carbon neutral. In some countries like Canada and the U.S., the government promoted Net-zero home construction. Canadian Home Builder's Association (CHBA) even provided a list of qualified Net-zero home builders to help encourage businesses to conserve energy and reduce waste.  

Meanwhile, other businesses are driven to build environment-friendly buildings because it provides more benefits and opportunities than costs. 

With all these events, expect more countries and organizations worldwide to cooperate, formulating more policies that promote building eco-friendly structures.

Make sure you're ready when these happen. As early as now, start investing your time and energy in developing floor plans and designs that help the environment so you'll not lose any profitable opportunity that may come your way in 2022. 

2. Be knowledgeable about...

Your industry, including the newest player in the market, a.k.a. your competitors. 

What is the current market outlook in your industry? Will there be new players in the market you're in? How prepared are you to compete with them? Knowing these things may seem unnecessary, mainly if you or your team of artists produce quality renderings; however, remember that almost everyone in the field does. Therefore, you need to know about the market outlook and players to position your firm and strategize to attain growth and stability for your business. 

The Market Outlook
  • From 2021 to 2028, the global architectural services market size is anticipated to expand at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 4.7%. Grand View Research (GVR) reports. 

A growing market indicates that more opportunities are coming your way. It might not be in your region, but that doesn't mean you can't benefit. With the advancement of technology and the current growth and development of remote work, you have more chances of getting a share in that 4.7.

  • In 2020, the industrial sector was the biggest end-user of architectural services, accounting for 40% of the total market share, followed by the government and residential sectors. (GVR)

All other factors aside, these reports may help you perceive which sector needs your service the most--industrial sector. Considering this fact, maybe you can create more designs (floor plans and renderings) that may appeal to more potential customers in this sector.

The (next) record holders

These companies could be your competitors or, the opposite, your potential thought-leaders. 

  • Gensler, the firm that ranked first in the yearly Architectural Record's Top 300 Architecture Firms in the U.S. for ten consecutive years
  • Foster + Partners, the winner of Architizer's Best of the Year award for 2021 under the category of Best XL firm.
  • BIG, Icon, and Lennar--firms that are set to build the world's largest 3D-Printed Neighborhood next year. 
  • SHoP Architects and Warren Wetmore, the architectural firm behind Steinway Tower, the thinnest skyscraper in the world.  
  • Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, the firm behind the Central Park Tower (a.k.a Nordstrom Tower), the tallest primarily residential building in the world. This building is a few walks away from Steinway Tower.
  • White Arkitekter, the designer of the world's second-tallest mass-timber building known as Sara Cultural Centre in Norway. It is also one of the seven greenest buildings globally based on the recently concluded global climate summit (COP26) last Nov 12.

You may be wondering, how come they are your competitors?

In the mind of your potential clients who look after the works of these companies as a model for their next projects, they are indeed your competitors, so make sure you know how these record holders work. 

Now, let's have the last thing you need for your architectural firm before 2022.

3. Stay updated with...

The latest industry practice, innovations, and breakthrough services. 

Latest Practice
  • 3D printing is driving the architecture market. The latest way to bring your projects to life. 3D printing only takes hours to days to be produced and allows businesses to get savings as high as 75%. However, 3D printing has its disadvantages too, and they're quite a lot. Before trying this, make sure you're ready to face the consequences
Latest Innovations
  • Wood.e a.k.a. "The Electrified Wood."
    Wood.e is a built-up composite comprised of preformed wooden elements with metal layers. It allows electrical elements to be plugged directly into the wood without cables. 
    This innovation is an excellent addition to your supply options. Make sure to include them! 
Breakthrough Service
  • HomeRender - a subscription-based architectural rendering service platform where you can order high-quality floor plans and 3D renderings as much as you want, as long as there are slots*! HomeRender employs a system where you must fill out a project wizard and wait until your project is ready for approval and delivery.

*slots may vary depending on your subscription

Do you want to get as many projects as possible but are too overwhelmed to take care of them all? Get our service and let us take care of your projects for you, so all you have to do is focus on upscaling your business. 

Here are samples from our HomeRender artists:

Floor Plans

3D Renderings


After reading this blog, are you prepared for the upcoming year, 2022? Are you ready to create designs that focus on sustainability? Moreover, have you kept up with the latest industry news and trends? Are you now updated with your industry's latest practices, innovations, and breakthrough services? 

If your answer is "yes," please feel free to share this blog, but if it is a "no," let us know how we can help you!

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