Top 3 things that every realtor needs to provide to their prospective buyers

Mar 23, 2023

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Tips to get that property sold!

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Every realtor must only have one goal and that is to secure the home sale once the home buying process began. 

The home buying process in this context refers to the time when the client informed you that they would like to proceed with the home buying with you or with your real estate business. It starts after all the cold calling, distribution of flyers, and mini-inquiries. 

Isn’t that a secured home sale already? You may have asked. 

No, it isn’t. A lot of things could still happen along the way. Your clients no matter how sure they are of buying a home from you may still have a change of heart, especially after a very enticing home offer. Some may even discover some things that turn them off during the house inspection and some may simply back out because they feel that there are more credible and more helpful realtors out there. Some may have more logical reasons but the question is how do you prevent the illogical ones which hold you back from securing a home sale? 

In this blog, we will share with you the top 3 things that you should provide to your clients during the home buying process to secure a sale. 

1. Availability

During the home buying process, make sure you are available for your client as long 

as you can. Be responsive as much as possible or at least within the day. Based on  

Redfin, 47% of buyers and 44% of sellers find that the agents’ responsiveness 

is a more desirable trait than their professionalism and expertise. Therefore, if you want to please your client and secure that home sale, make yourself available for them until the home buying process is done and maybe even after their first month. If they need your help filling out some forms, be there. Especially when it comes to their mortgage loan forms. If they need your advice on some home furnishings, be there. 

Be there even if the answers to the questions they asked you can easily be found on the internet. Be there even if it’s sometimes too irritating and uncomfortable for you as long as they’re not asking something that goes against the morals and as long as you can do it to help them. Remember, you are a realtor and you’re main goal is to secure that home sale. Be there. It’s not a whole year-round thing after all. 

2. Transparency. 

If you want to secure a home sale, make sure you tell everything about the home to your clients once the home buying process began. Be transparent. Never conceal anything about the house–the good and the bad–from your client. It is much better for them to know all of those and back out during the initial process than discover them at the latter stage of the home buying process and turn to other realtors right after. By the way, backing out during the initial process doesn’t always mean you will lose them. There are a lot of client who values transparency and credibility and once they saw if from you and found that you are sincere in helping them find a house successfully, they may opt to still choose you as their realtor with your other listing (make sure you have) or maybe return to you in their future real estate purchase. That, in essence, gives you a higher chance to secure not only one home sale but more! 

Transparency during the home buying process has a lot of benefits, it minimizes your probability of incurring wasted efforts, proves your credibility, allows you to gain your client’s trust,  makes you recommendable, and most importantly, secures you a home sale. Therefore, be transparent. Communicate everything about the home, not just the good things about it. Tell your clients the home’s weaknesses, and possible shortcomings but don’t leave them hanging. Provide them with solutions. 

Be transparent and show them you care.  

3. Never go to a battle without any weapons.

Do you really want to secure as many home sales as possible this year? 

If you do, treat the home buying process as a battle and aim to win that battle by securing a home sale. But what are your weapons? Your capacity to negotiate? Your fluency? Your expertise? No, they’re not your weapons. They are your skills. Do you think it’s enough for a warrior to be just skilled? My skills are my weapons, you may say. No, they’re different. Even the best debaters don’t just go to debates with their skills alone. They show something tangible, their reports. Those are their weapons. In your case, they’re the floor plans, and 3D Renderings.

Floor Plans

2D Elevations

3D Plans

3D Renderings

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