2D Floor Plan

The 2D floor plan showcases the layout of your client's property as seen on a bird's-eye view.

2D Floor Plan by HomeRender

Are you looking forward to positioning your business against your closest competitor in the architecture, construction industry, or real estate? Then you need to provide high-quality and error-free 2D Floor Plans and Elevations to start achieving your goals. 

The 2D floor plan showcases the layout of your client’s property as seen on a bird’s-eye view. It does not show you the depth or height since it is presented in a two-dimensional form only. This type of rendering gives you the following details: 

  • Walls
  • Room Layout
  • Windows 
  • Door
  • Stairs 
  • And more!

Some examples of our 2D Floor Plans are shown below.

2D Black & White Plans

2D Elevation

2d Elevation on the other hand lets you see the front and side view of a plan. Take a look at HomeRender's sample elevation below.

Do you need help in creating these types of 2D Floor Plans and elevations?