Hire the right rendering artist for your real estate, design, and construction business

Jan 10, 2022

13 mins

Do you want to get more engagement for your social media post?


Do you want to get more engagement for your social media post? 

Based on research, social media posts with photos often have higher engagement than those that don’t. If you want to engage more customers, you need to post more engaging images. To do this, you need to produce a lot of renderings, but the renderings must be exciting and pleasing to the eye. 

How do you do this? 

Hire the best 3D rendering artist who can execute fantastic and interesting designs. 

What characteristics do you need to look for to hire the right rendering artists? 

Characteristics of the right rendering artist


For those who have been in the real estate, construction, or design industry for a matter of 10 years or so, hiring the more experienced professionals has always been a good thing to do. The experienced ones, whether they are an artist or not, are not only knowledgeable, they are also easier to get along with. The only cost of hiring them is, of course, higher wages than those who haven’t gotten any work experience yet. But if you saw that their skills and attitude are worth their rate and your budget allows you, hire them. 

In case you can’t afford their services yet, try to negotiate or offer them an alternative benefit like some flexibility in their schedule (which most favored most artists) or probably, shorter working days. If they still don’t agree with these, give the opportunity to the inexperienced ones, like someone from a famous social networking site said, “sometimes, you just have to give them a chance.”


This characteristic is something that you can’t just work off. Every rendering artist you will hire must be skilled in architectural visualization, 3D modeling, or creating floor plans–whether it’s a 2D or a 3D floor plan. 

Efficient and Organize

If you’re looking to maximize your profit and minimize your cost, then hire the most efficient and organized rendering artist from your list. Someone who values productivity and produces high-quality output. 

Cooperative and Patient

In order for your real estate, construction, and design business to flourish, you must hire the rendering artist that cooperates well, is open to ideas, and is patient with revisions (aside from the characteristics that have been mentioned already). 


The rendering artist must also be a learner. Someone who is attuned to the latest styles and trends. Someone who doesn’t stop learning and improving their skills, so your works are represented in the best possible light with the latest and greatest designs that bag awards effortlessly. Renderings of this type of artist can easily get your works published in high-profile magazines and billboards, which means more exposure to potential clients. 


Almost all artists can create renderings, but not all are creative. Someone I know can do amazing graphics but she admitted that she can’t generate ideas from scratch. Someone must give her the ideas to accomplish them. Good thing she works in the finance industry where developing ideas from scratch is not required, and the competition is not based on creativity but on profit. 

Her case is totally different from the artist who works in real estate, design, and construction business. In our field, creativity strongly influences competition. To compete against another firm, you must produce renderings that make the client close deals immediately--renderings out of creative minds. 

The creative artists are not only good for services that require renderings from scratch. They are also better when it comes to revision because the creative renderer understands the client’s idea faster especially when clients can’t convey what they exactly wanted. Whether it be as simple as changing a furniture to more complicated revisions like changing the lighting style or the house feature, the creative renderer can work their way out of it and execute them faster and better. 


Don’t forget to add this characteristic on your list. Someone who is resourceful in life can always find a way to fill a need or resolve a problem. The same goes for a resourceful rendering artist. The artist that has this characteristic can visualize the easiest way to achieve the rendering that you desire even if it seems complicated to be rendered. Have you had an urgent but profitable project request from a client who wants you to produce a rendering that has almost the same standard with your previous offerings but unfortunately, the artist who made them are not available for work at the moment? 

If you had another artist who is resourceful, that artist can get it done for you. 


Do you agree with the characteristics we mentioned in our list?

Next question is, how do you determine if the artist has them or not? 

Screen applicants, check their portfolios, conduct interviews, and test their skills. Tasks which are all tedious and may require additional costs and effort from you. 

If you’re not yet ready for this or you find these tasks costly, then we have prepare a good alternative for you. 


HomeRender hired them on your behalf, so you don’t have to spend time posting jobs, screening applicants from different platforms to find the right rendering artist. 

All you have to do is sign up and subscribe to at least one of our plans. Once you’re subscribed, you can access HomeRender’s New Project Wizard, allowing you to connect with the right rendering artists you will definitely love to work with for the rest of your projects.

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