How 3D rendering helps avoid potential issues of a project

Sep 16, 2021

2 min


They say prevention is better than cure. Definitely true!

The Potential Issues 

Have you encountered clients who wanted to change the design of their residence suddenly, even though the rendering looked great, simply because they had a different design in mind - perhaps a rustic or retro-inspired one?

Or maybe, as a client, you have experienced it yourself because you just realized that you want another style.

It must have been frustrating.

After spending a lot of money in the initial construction period, you suddenly discover the color, texture, and material used don't match what you exactly want.

"If I could only visualize the whole project before the construction, it would've been prevented."

Good thing this type of issue is no longer happening nowadays because of 3D rendering.  

3D rendering. in construction shows a project's appearance based on the planned design once it's entirely constructed. Through this technology, you can easily see a house's exterior and interior look as well as its front, rear, or top view. 

With the help of 3D rendering., you or your client can quickly identify potential errors in the design, which helps prevent any significant revision during home construction and, in return, spares you from paying an additional cost.   

Design failures and additional costs are not the only potential issues that 3D rendering. can resolve. Here are some more: 

Client misunderstanding of your design

The design that the artist has in mind might be different from what the client imagined when the artist described it. Even if they communicate well, without 3D rendering., the client may conceive certain house aspects differently, resulting in dissatisfaction.

With 3D rendering., the client's idea of the whole house's design will be synchronized with what the artists and contractors exactly meant--the color, texture, materials, and the total experience--resulting in guaranteed satisfaction for the client. 

Hard to sell properties

3D rendering. could make marketing more manageable and less costly for those building a home without any clients, primarily since covid restrictions are religiously implemented. By showcasing their project virtually, more people could be persuaded into buying the home than simply showing a photo of it, thus making the marketing and promotion process lighter, cheaper, and more effective. 

Final thoughts

The client's misunderstanding of your design and hard-to-sell properties are some potential issues that 3D rendering could resolve. But there's more to this technology! Aside from addressing those potential issues, utilizing 3D rendering in your projects could offer even more. If done excellently and effectively, your carefully thought-out 3D rendering can get you a larger market share, establish your brand, and allow you to operate in the long run. Sounds interesting, isn't it?

If you're a realtor looking to partner with a company that provides unlimited renders with a simple subscription, you might want to explore our app and learn how it works. Who knows, this innovative solution might just be the key to putting you on the pedestal of winning against income loss in the competitive real estate market.

This article was last updated on Jun 17, 2024