How to make your home sell before it's even built

Mar 7, 2023

15 min


Sell a home in the smoothest way possible.

Man holding a small model house on his palm

Selling a built home may be more complicated than spec homes or pre-built homes. First, you must find a client that wants the house exactly as it is! Second, you have to ensure the client is willing to pay for the high cost of building it. 

So, what if you haven't found that client? 

The next thing you need to do is to put a little more effort into marketing the home, which is an additional cost to whatever you've incurred already. That's quite much of a hassle you have to endure, right? 

That is why we encourage you to sell spec homes. By doing so, the ease of selling is much more attainable. 


Spec homes allow you to modify the home based on how the client wants their home to be. Selling a speculative building (spec home) makes EVERY potential buyer YOUR client, unlike the former, where you need to locate the exact client who will love the house you built. Next, you and your client decide on the materials that fit your client's budget with a speculative building. So, no need to go and search for that one-in-a-million client who is willing to pay for the price of the house you built. Lastly, a spec home requires less marketing effort. Spec homes are easier to market because they offer some flexibility that almost every client ultimately wants.  

Now that we have laid down some good arguments about selling spec homes, the next thing that we are sharing with you are the steps on how to sell a spec home:

  1. Determine your target market
  2. Study the types of homes they look forward to buying
  3. Have your home designed by yourself, or if not in your wheelhouse, then by a local architect or architectural drafter, or even ask for our help.  
  4. Once you have a blueprint of the home, share it with HomeRender so we can further enhance them and create differentiated copies of it without any additional costs–JUST your monthly subscription fee ;)
  5. Advertise! List with Multi Listing Services, perform social media advertisement, email past clients, etc. 
  6. With any inquiries and interest, show them your beautiful, HomeRender-curated brochures. Also, tell them that it's possible to modify certain parts of the home if they want to. 
  7. Once your client makes a decision, make sure you have your papers prepared so you can close the deal as early as possible. 
  8. Voila, You just had your home sold before it was even built. 

In 2023 and beyond, HomeRender aims to provide you with a hassle-free home-selling experience. Our mission is to simplify the construction, architecture, and real estate process, enabling you to enjoy the process of selling your home. If you're looking for an easier way to sell your home, give HomeRender a try today!

This article was last updated on Sep 20, 2023