Bringing Floor Plans to Life: HomeRender's Dynamic Enhancement

The client represents a distinguished custom home-building enterprise, with an exclusive focus on crafting exceptional single-family residences. Within the context of one of their ambitious projects, they solicited our professional expertise to deliver a comprehensive package comprising a pair of meticulously detailed 2D floor plans and an array of supplementary marketing collateral. The initial engagement commenced with the client's proactive completion of our meticulously designed New Project Wizard form, within which they astutely denoted the numeral "2" in the quantity field pertaining to the floor plans. This strategic decision was rooted in the architectural blueprint of the residence, which, as a 2-story dwelling, necessitated the provision of a corresponding set of floor plans. Additionally, the client judiciously articulated their requirement for both PDF and JPG versions of the floor plans, underscoring their commitment to versatility and adaptability in the marketing materials we were tasked with producing.

In the realm of 2D Floor Plan Style preferences, the discerning client opted for the visually impactful and architecturally engaging "Contrast between solid & void" drafting style. When it came to the augmentation of the drafting details, the client articulated a comprehensive vision, desiring the inclusion of four essential components: room labels, room dimensions, the gross living floor area, and a tasteful representation of furniture placement.

In strict adherence to the client's precise specifications, our dedicated team efficiently produced and delivered a duo of meticulously crafted floor plans, each endowed with its own distinctive character and purpose. These two deliverables were meticulously designated as follows: "2D Floor Plan 1 (Main Floor)" and "2D Floor Plan 2 (Upper Floor)," ensuring clarity and precision in the presentation of the architectural design and layout for the client's forthcoming project.

2D floor plan 1  (Main Floor with Label, larger version)

2D floor plan 2 (Upper Floor with Label Larger Version)

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