Duplex Investment Property Brochure for Showhome

1. The client initiated a formal request via our cutting-edge New Project Wizard.

Their initial course of action involves the judicious selection of a template, a pivotal decision that will decisively dictate the overarching aesthetic and design framework of the brochure. In addition, they made supplementary requests for various add-ons, including distinctive headers, feature lists, and project descriptions that seamlessly integrate with the chosen template's characteristics. Last but not least, they embarked on configuring the thematic aspect, an endeavor that empowers them to meticulously curate a color palette that aligns harmoniously with their aesthetic sensibilities should the default color scheme fail to resonate with their discerning tastes.

2. The phase of image preparation and subsequent upload ensued, characterized by the inclusion of several meticulously crafted 3D renderings, accompanied by the comprehensive inclusion of 2D floor plans. Beneficially, our well-established history of collaboration with the company has endowed us with swift access to their pertinent contact details and corporate logo. Moreover, a dossier of supplementary project-related details was thoughtfully contributed, encapsulating a comprehensive project description, salient project highlights, and an illuminating section about the company itself.

3. The stage of comments and clarifications materialized, presenting a momentary pause in the workflow for the purpose of essential elucidations.

A pivotal query arose, namely, the acceptability of positioning the floor plan squarely within the middle of the brochure's fold. This specific scenario was uniquely suited to the duplex layout, as the placement elegantly accommodated the party wall's alignment with the fold, thus ensuring a harmonious visual presentation.

Further inquiry surfaced concerning the project's highlights, which were limited to a mere trio. In light of this constraint, we inquired if there were additional details that warranted inclusion, such as a portrayal of the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. However, the preference leaned toward a minimalist approach, favoring simplicity in conveying the project's essence.

In a final act of resourcefulness, it was observed that the brochure was in need of a single additional image. In response, we cordially proposed the inclusion of a generic living room image that seamlessly dovetailed with the overarching design, a proposition that was warmly received by the client, who expressed gratitude for our proactive approach in resolving the issue.

Disclaimer: It is pertinent to note that the illustrative example herein references specific features, namely, 3D renderings, which are exclusively accessible to clients subscribed to either the Professional or Business plans.